We’ve written our programmes to include everything you need to make great changes; we’ve held nothing back and truly believe the magic lies in just adding the key ingredient... you! 
However, we recognise that some families may really benefit from a more hands-on approach. Therefore, alongside our programmes, we’ve laid out some simple packages to suit your requirements. If you don’t see what you need here, just get in touch! 
You can book us directly via hello@thebigsleepco.co.uk and we can advise which package may be best suited to you. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you shortly.  

Additional Service Packages 

For best success, please purchase a sleep programme ahead of any one-to-one coaching. This ensures you have access to all the information you need, allowing us to more effectively utilise your coaching time, guiding you on how to implement the techniques tailored to your little one. 
Services booked at the time of your programme purchase will receive 20% off of the sleep programme*. 
60-minute call with session notes written in a follow up email: £150 
60-minute call with session notes provided in follow-up email, plus additional pre-scheduled call: £220 
60-minute call with session notes provided in follow-up email, plus 4 additional pre-scheduled calls or 5 days WhatsApp support between 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday: £475 
In-home, hands-on support** 
(No programme purchase required) 
Over 6 months: Full consultation, Sleep Diary assessment, 5 nights in-home sleep coaching to cover bedtime 6pm until morning 6am, with daily WhatsApp support: £1,995 
Under 6 months: Full consultation, specialist overnight support and daily WhatsApp contact: £275 per night. 
**Travel is charged in addition 
*Booking & purchase must be made at the same time. Retrospective bookings will not qualify for the 20% refund on already purchased programmes. 
One-to-One coaching is a fantastic way to reach your goals with less trial and error.  
Drawing on over 45 years combined experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to help you apply our methods with confidence. 
Whether over the phone or in home, no question is too silly. We help parents to reconnect with their instincts, understand the needs of their children and feel confident in applying our methods with consistency. We cheer you on, hold your hand and celebrate with you as you achieve a full night’s sleep for the whole family. 
We recently finished our 5 nights with Fern staying over, and we are astonished by the progress our little girl has made (I was convinced at the start that our baby would be the one that would break Fern’s amazing sleep record!). 
She’s 9 months old and would only be fed to sleep, taking literally hours of feeding to get to sleep and then waking up multiple times needing feeding each and every time. 
Fern is just so lovely and kind. What’s so striking is that she sees it as so much more than a job, it is a true passion for her. We felt so secure with her and trusted her 100%. 
I was so scared we’d be back to square one after she left but it continues to be good! 
Dawn came to our house for 3 nights in December 2019 to help our little 6 months old boy to improve his night sleep, as he was waking up every couple of hours during the night. 
Dawn observed our son, asked extensively about his feeding and sleeping habits, and suggested a new sleeping and eating routine for him. It wasn't drastically different to what we were already doing, but we followed it and I have to admit that within a few nights our son's sleep really improved. 
Even now, when he has periods of regression because of teething, illness or travelling, he easily goes back to sleeping very well when he feels better or we come back home! 
Dawn has a very warm and gentle personality, which made it very easy to welcome her in our home and to trust her! 
What we especially loved about her was her calm attitude, and the fact that she was able to transmit this sense of calmness to our little boy and actually to the entire family! 
Moreover, she is very experienced and knowledgeable, and her tailor-made advices and suggestions were really helpful to us. 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dawn, and to call her again in the future! Thank you Dawn for your great help! 
Fern, what can I say, you are our absolute hero! We can’t thank Fern enough for the support she has given our family. She has sleep coached both our daughters, in particular our eldest daughter (16 months at the time) who for 9 months whilst I was pregnant with our 2nd stopped sleeping completely. 
Fern met our daughter and really took the time to understand her sleep issues and what we wanted to achieve as a family. She devised an in-depth sleep plan which was considerate and realistic and met our daughter’s needs, which ultimately solved all her sleep issues. 
We now have a little girl who loves her naps, takes herself off to bed and even wakes up singing in the morning, it could not be any further from what we were experiencing at the time. 
During the sleep training, Fern was such an incredible support, always at the end of the phone and always took the time to answer any questions I had, didn’t matter how silly. She really went above and beyond! She is warm, kind and instantly makes you feel relaxed and that you’re in safe hands. Most importantly our children instantly bonded with her. 
I cannot recommend Fern enough. Her depth of knowledge is quite incredible. She is so lovely, personable and supportive, we couldn’t have done it without her! 
My son Alistair and his wife Eva and two daughters came to stay with us after Christmas. Their almost 6 month old baby Camille was waking every 45 minutes day and night and would not settle, and both parents were exhausted. They had sought medical advice and had "baby whisperers" to stay over without success. 
Dawn’s huge amount of experience enabled her to analyse the problems straight away and by changing feeds and various routines brought about a remarkable change and the baby started sleeping for 3-4 hours stretches. 
Alistair and family have now returned to Sydney, Australia, with a much happier baby. 
Dawn's practical advice and knowledge was invaluable. She exudes calm and is a lovely caring lady who I would highly recommend. 

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