The team at The Big Sleep Co. have helped many hundreds of struggling families over the years. 

Here are just a few comments from some of our lovely clients... 
"We reached out to Dawn in a state of really not knowing what to do in terms of creating a consistent, child-centred and effective sleep routine at night time for our 9-month-old boy. We focused primarily on the bedtime routine as a way of trying to change the stress we were experiencing each and every night, which left both my partner and I both physically and mentally exhausted. The subtle yet effective guidance we have received has brought so much positive change to both our little boy’s life and our own. The passion and love we felt from Dawn, although never meeting her face-to-face, was one of the most incredible parts of this life-changing experience, and we can never thank her enough." 
Tom George 
"Fern is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and understanding. She’s the first professional that we felt really listened to what we’d been going through and was actively able to help. Not only is she fantastic when it comes to calming babies, but with her experience and attentive eye she picks up on things that may need further investigation in order to help you along the way. We wish we’d met her sooner! She goes above and beyond. We cannot recommend Fern enough, she’s golden!" 
Pippa Puddle 
"Dawn is a lovely person who makes you feel at ease instantly. She has a lovely warm, non judgmental approach. We were having some issues with our 8 month old starting to wake in the night and struggling to settle back to sleep after being a baby who sleeps through. Dawn highlighted some areas to make changes which we embraced and things began to improve quite quickly. Dawn kept in contact after the consultation to ensure things were ok and to ask any questions needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dawn to anyone needing sleep help. Thank you for your help and knowledge. 😊 " 
Beth Rose 
"We recently had Fern come and stay for two nights to help us with our 6 week old and it was truly the best money we’ve ever spent. Lucas was sleeping restlessly and waking frequently and Fern helped us to see that he was struggling with reflux. Since knowing this we’ve had no issues because we now know what we need to do to help him and ease his discomfort. Both my husband and I have said it’s made us all feel like we’re on the same team again (sometimes it really does feel like your kids are working against you!) and that he is a much happier, independent baby because of it - he’s happily settling himself off to sleep which we never thought was possible! Fern made you feel instantly comfortable so trusting her with your little one was easy. Thank you again!" 
Phoebe Lawler 
"I contacted Dawn after I was exhausted and at breaking point, my baby was 7 months never slept for long stretches and constantly waking every hour for comfort/feeds. My husband stepped in to help resettle him and Dawn gave us key advice and support. She was kind and gentle and supported our parenting choices (ie no crying-it out). She helped develop a great routine for his nap/feeds in the day, so I'm now only feeding 2-3 times a night. It's changed my life and I'm so grateful and thankful I found her. I would highly recommend her." 
Briony Wilson-Fforde 
"Nanny Fern is like a sprinkle of fairy dust, with buckets of warmth, love and total empathy for our situation, she provided a huge depth of knowledge and support which helped our twin boy be diagnosed with CMPA and later helped him gently stroll from waking nearly every hour or less to sleeping through the night.. in just 4 days!!! We cannot thank her enough and recommend her highly enough! She has a clear love for what she does and the reason We felt completely confident in her approach is due to her always ensuring the baby’s emotional welfare is paramount. She is a modern day Mary Poppins!" 
Alexia Davies 
"Dawn is absolutely fantastic! We were desperate when our 10 month old was still waking between 10-15 times a night. We didn’t know what to do. We were only interested in gentle solutions as we can’t deal with babies crying, but we were assured that Dawn would help us use gentle methods to improve things. One of our problems was the sleep association of breastfeeding and Dawn was a clear expert in this field. A couple of months down the line we have now seen vast progress and couldn’t be more grateful to Dawn. She was a total star! Thank you Dawn!" 
Claire Wilkinson 
“Fern is worth her weight in gold. We’ve loved her from as soon as she came and gave us a consultation as she is warm but such a professional and has helped us get through a very tough month with our baby not sleeping, exhausted mummy, dad away and being snowed in with no water. She is so happy to help and been there for us since I first booked her (we do live near). She really loves her job and my baby loves her. She is a fantastic support as I have been a very unconfident new mum with such conflicting advice from all directions and no grandparents near to help. I’m always sad to see her go and would consider her a friend now as she continues to help us with our baby whatever comes up and we can be confident in having another baby now we know there’s support like Fern.” 
Alexandra Dunlop 
“When my son was 4 months old he had no sleep routine and was waking up every 2 hours! My husband and I were exhausted. Dawn came to the rescue! With her calm and approachable manner, she worked with us to ensure that we were happy with the new techniques and routine. Ever since, our son is asleep (unless he is teething!) by 7pm and is rarely up more than once in the night. Thank you so much Dawn. I would highly recommend you!! Xx” 
Jodie DC 
"My biggest regret is that I didn't ask for Fern's help earlier. From first contact with her we just felt at ease and understood. She was incredibly supportive of our continuing breastfeeding journey -little one is almost 2.5- and just made me feel so comfortable as soon as she walked through the door. What I loved the most was that she was committed to provide an approach that not only suited us as a family but also suited my little girl. She was brilliant with her and within half an hour had the measure of her down to a tea. She has given us different options throughout and has made us feel heard and supported. Fern is clearly very experienced but more than that she is personable, relatable and a genuinely lovely person with a blinding passion for what she does. If you're thinking of getting in touch with her, don't make the same mistake I did by waiting." 
Jess Watson 

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