What can I expect from this programme? 
The Big Sleep Company isn’t about quick fixes, or one size fits all method. There are no closely guarded secrets or tricks to be found. Our programmes are designed around our consulting methods. Each module is designed to help you focus on an area of your child’s wellbeing. You will use your expertise as their parent- knowing them best as you do, to use this information and apply it to them. 
You’ll make tweaks and changes to better support their overall health and wellbeing before you use any of the sleep strategies found in the ‘techniques’ module. Sleep can only improve when the ground work is put in, ensuring that all aspects have been assessed and this in turn leads you to choose one of the several age appropriate techniques explained, that you feel is the best fit for your child. 
Time taken for foundation work - the process of working through the programme and applying the changes your child needs. This might be anything from overhauling nutrition, identifying sensory needs or simply changing the bedroom lay out or bedtime routine. This will be entirely dependent on how much you feel can be changed or improved. 
Once ready to implement a focused sleep strategy – a technique, you may find it takes around 7-10 days to see improvements with total consistency. Some children will improve immediately, others may take a little longer. We advise on expected time scales within each technique video. 
The programmes require patience and consistency from the parent, and an understanding that independent sleep is built on connection, balanced wellbeing, and feelings of safety. Quick, rushed and harsh methods may achieve fast results, but at what expense? Our programmes are designed to facilitate parent and child relations, better understanding and connection, achieving optimised sleep for all with as little distress as possible. 
Will my child cry? 
Some do, yes. No matter how gentle or slow the process, some children will cry during sleep coaching. We talk about this more in depth in our video on crying found in the techniques section in the programmes. We can never promise you that the process will be totally tear free, but we certainly aim to make the process as calm and smooth as possible. As such, you will never be asked to: 
Leave your child alone when crying 
No timed pop-ins/outs or controlled crying methods 
No delayed response times 
We find that lots of our families are able to reach their goals with little to no upset and that any crying is with parents present, in their arms or supported and was relatively brief. 
Do I have to stop doing things that my child and I enjoy? 
No, absolutely not! The Big Sleep Company recognises and celebrates the varied approach to parenting that each of our families take. Whether it’s co-sleeping, shared baths or cuddling to sleep; you never have to give up any of the things that work for your family. 
Sometimes, you might come to recognise that something you both enjoy may be hindering you in reaching your goals and it’s at this point you might decide that it isn’t actually your goal any longer. In this scenario, you can tweak the things you both like so that you can still enjoy the closeness whilst making your sleep goal more achievable. 
I feel in crisis and I need quick results! 
We hear you, and you won’t find any judgement here. Some families find that their original approach to sleep was built on survival, and for a time it worked really well, but now it’s all too much and too hard. We hope parents find us long before the crisis hits, but we know just how good parents are at being ‘just fine’ until they’re not; we hear you and we welcome you with love and kindness. 
Our techniques section covers several strategies that are age appropriate, and we talk you through when you might choose to use them. Some may work quicker than others and you’ll be able to choose something that feels best suited. It’s important to choose a technique that is manageable and sustainable for you, in order to provide your little one with consistency during the process of changing their current sleep habits. 
Is there additional support if the programme doesn’t work? 
As mentioned, the programmes are not based on set methods or a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether the programmes work for you or not, it will primarily come down to your application of the programme and the suitability to your child. We’ve written the programmes with as many variables in mind as possible, and know our programmes to be the most informative and in- depth available to the market. However, you can find additional support within our Facebook Community Group which is exclusive to those who have purchased a programme. 
If you need specific help, you can book troubleshooting calls directly with Dawn and Fern. If it doesn’t feel the right time for you now, please don’t worry - there is no pressure whatsoever. Use the information as it suits you and revisit when you feel you have the time and energy. 
Will I have to buy more than one programme? 
Not at all! We hope that the information found within your chosen programme will be all you need to curate a happy little sleeper, and you have 365 days* access to your programme to revisit the information whenever you need. Sleep coaching and specific strategies isn’t appropriate under 6 months so for this reason, our first two programmes are written to help parents better understand infant sleep, manage and adapt to their baby’s quickly changing sleep needs, lay great foundations for happy little sleepers and tackle any curveballs! 
If you’ve bought our 4th Trimester programme to support you during the early days, but later find you have a 2-year-old sleep thief on your hands for example, please do get in touch. We will happily offer you a loyalty discount for your second programme. 
*The programmes are age specific to ensure that the information is safe and applicable to your child, which may not always be the case a year later. We limit access to 365 days to allow for us to continually update and adapt the content to match the research, changes in practices or health guidelines. 
Do I have to night wean my baby? 
Absolutely not! We support families to achieve their own feeding goals, whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or if alternative feeding methods have been introduced. Feeding your little one overnight is entirely your choice and we will not ask you to night wean. Night weaning may reduce frequency of night wakings, but not always - which is why we insist on a whole child approach to ensuring all needs are met and you feel confident in identifying the cause of the night waking before applying a technique to resolve them. 
What is sleep coaching and why do you not use the term ‘sleep training?’ 
Sleep training is a term often used for making changes to a child’s sleep. However it is strongly linked with techniques that force separation, refusal to meet a child’s cry and leaving them alone. Language is a powerful thing, and spreading the word about gentle and responsive sleep support can be really tough, so we want to be very careful that our mission and our methods are not misunderstood. Sleep coaching is a term used within the industry that is more frequently used by coaches that take a holistic and gentle approach - although this isn’t always the case. 
Please remember that this industry is unregulated and saturated with so-called ‘professionals’ who often spread misinformation and sell sleep training methods with misleading terminology, indicating that they are more gentle than they really are. 
‘Gentle’, for example, is a term open for wide interpretation. We strive to ensure that our ethos is really clear and you’ll find lots of information on our unique approach across our social media platforms, our website and within our Facebook Community Group. 
Why you? 
Our dedication to supporting parents in meeting their children’s sleep needs with respect, patience and safe practice is unparalleled. We hold nothing back, no secrets, no magic key. Everything we know, we make available to you as our valued clients. 
Our programmes have been written carefully so that they are digestible and easy to both understand and implement. We know how overwhelming and stressful the avalanche of information out there can feel to a parent, and we want to avoid adding to that. We operate an inclusive, judgement-free zone, welcoming all parents into a safe space to explore attachment-based sleep, where they can utilise our guidance to make informed choices, using their expertise as the parent to tailor their approach to improve their situation. 
In addition to our decades of evidence-based intensive training and experience, we’ve carefully selected a team of leading experts that review our content regularly to ensure the very best standards of care from professionals who not only really know their stuff, but share our gentle ethos too. 
We hope this information is helpful but if you have any additional questions, please get in touch and we will happily answer them for you. 
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