Hi, I’m Mel: a mum of two and inventor of sleep aid, Fidgetbum. 
I love my sleep! But becoming a mum meant a lot of sleepless nights.. a lot more than I had expected. After the initial baby phase was over, I imagined that night times would be more peaceful, but my daughter had other plans! Night after night of constant waking left me sleep deprived, exhausted and desperate for a solution to stop my two year old from kicking her covers off and waking up cold. I couldn’t find anything designed to help so, I took matters into my own hands. 
Fidgetbum is a stretchy wrap-around sheet that snugly holds the covers in place, without restricting the child in bed and provides a sense of security that sleep experts have likened to a warm hug. Most importantly, it is breathable and safe, can be used with or without other covers and is machine washable. 
When I came up with the idea of Fidgetbum, I knew that I had invented something special that could help other sleep deprived mums feel human again and that really motivated me. My whole household was exhausted and at breaking point. At a time when I was at my lowest point: extremely tired, desperate and broken, I was driven to find a solution to our endless sleep deprived nights. 
Lack of sleep can be so debilitating and leave you anxious, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. With everything going on in the world at the moment, anxiety is heightened anyway, so a good night’s sleep is so important to deal with whatever the future holds. 
I used to dread this time of year, as the evenings draw in and the nights get colder… so, as a gift to you, as the clocks go back, I’d like to offer 10% off all of our toddler & single bed sizes until 30th November 2020, with the code BSC21. Available via our website 
Whilst Fidgetbum was initially invented to help my toddler daughter transition into a toddler bed and sleep through the night, we have also had incredible feedback from parents of children with additional sensory needs. Sleep disturbances are often a major issue for autistic children and this can really take its toll on their families. We have had such a strong and positive response from families and professionals in this field, that we have developed longer lengths and larger sizes to cater for older non-sleepers.  
For more information on these, please contact me via the website
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