Monster sprays, dream catchers and other such bedtime aids are often suggested for children who are having trouble sleeping. On the face of it, these seem like harmless methods to reassure your little one, easy to implement and has the potential to briefly soothe their concerns. 
We’ve no doubt they have indeed worked for many children but let us explain why we don’t use them. 
If your child is struggling with disturbed sleep brought on by fear, nervousness, or anxiety, we must first look to address the root cause, alongside any supporting tools you might employ to improve the ‘in the moment’ troubles. 
When we work with parents to navigate these difficult periods, our focus is on consistency and building trust. 
So, imagine your child has been struggling with the concept of monsters. You do your best to calm their fears. You have been telling your child there are no such thing as monsters. You make a big song and dance about showing your child their room - nothing under the bed, nothing in the cupboards, the windows are closed. You tell them that they are safe. 
Your child can see that his room is empty, but his fear is real. The physical manifestations of being in a state of high alert remains, because… what if? Just what if?  
Your child desperately wants to believe you. But still, they struggle to settle to sleep and/or maybe stay asleep. 
You decide it might be a great idea to make a room spray. Perhaps you’ve invited them to join in for some craft inspired one-on-one time while you’re at it. You feel a little smug, you’re totally nailing this parenting lark! 
So, bedtime comes around again, and you are feeling confident. 
“But the monsters mummy!” 
“Don’t worry darling! Monsters aren’t real remember! But just in case, we’ve got your monster spray” you reply. 
As a parent, it feels like you’ve covered all basis and offered them a tangible solution. 
Yep, that’s right. Monster spray for the monsters you just promised do not exist. In fact, you’ve always said they don’t exist. But now, just in-case… you’ve got a room spray to keep them away. 
No doubt, your little over-thinker is quizzing you quicker than Chris Tarrant circa 1999. 
And you are kicking yourself, because there’s no easy way out of this one now is there? 
For our children, we are their entire universe, and their sense of safety and security relies solely in our words and on our actions. Parenting is FULL of well meaning but ‘ah, crap’ moments – so go easy on yourself. It definitely seemed like a great idea at the time, and we get that. 
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