“Alongside our sleep programmes, we have created these beautiful affirmation cards to complement our message of focusing on health and wellbeing in the context of sleep. 
Designed for both parents and children, we know the power of mindset is the greatest strength in managing tricky sleep. 
Our child-focused affirmation cards work perfectly to build confidence, self esteem and give children a voice. 
We know you’ll love them just as much as we do!” 
Dawn & Fern 

Affirmation Cards (Adult) 

These beautifully illustrated affirmation cards bring a moment of calm to what can otherwise be the most stressful part of parenting... disturbed sleep! 
Written by Dawn & Fern, and Illustrated by Victoria at The Motherhood Society, they are the perfect size for your handbag, your bedside table or even your back pocket.  
Take a moment just for you, to be reminded that you are doing incredible work, each and every time you respond to your little one with love and patience. 
25 affirmation cards per pack. Price: £15.50 

Affirmation Cards (Child) 

Written by Dawn & Fern, and illustrated by Victoria at The Motherhood Society, these perfectly curated little cards are designed to help your child feel validated, heard and understood. 
Overnight sleep doesn’t always come easy and we recognise the struggles of busy minds who may be feeling anxious and stressed at the prospect of trying to achieve a full night’s sleep. 
These gorgeous little affirmation cards to help you connect with your child, build their confidence and encourage positive mindset. 
20 affirmation cards per pack. Price: £13.50 

Affirmation Cards (Twin Pack) 

Designed for both parent and child, this pack of 45 affirmation cards are beautifully written by Dawn & Fern, and illustrated by Victoria at The Motherhood Society. 
The perfect size to travel with, keep on your bedside table or dot around the house for a daily boost of confidence and a frequent reminder, helping to promote a positive mindset ahead of the night. 
These affirmations signal to your child’s mind and body that it’s time to prepare for the night. They encourage them that it’s ok to rest and there is nothing to fear. 
Price: £23.50 (save £5.50 on buying the packs separately) 
Images credit: Leanne Elizabeth Photography (@leanneelizabethphotography) 
Please note: Postage & Packaging (UK Mainland addresses only) is included in the price of each Affirmation Card Pack/Twin Pack. 
The Big Sleep Company is grounded in evidence-based, attachment-focused sleep support, and is built on over 45 years of combined training and experience. 
Founded by Dawn Grey & Fern Bishop, they’re on a two-woman mission to change how the world views child sleep - removing shame, guilt and loneliness. 
They want parents to feel supported, confident and heard. They know how hard poor sleep is, and they know that you and your little ones deserve better. 
Together they help families all over the world achieve better sleep with their gentle and responsive methods. They also teach parents how to do this via their age-specific sleep programmes. Click below for more details. 

Find out how we can support you with our reassuring and realistic approach. 

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